Mentoring our young & individuals for career development

Sharon is passionate about mentoring individuals to reach new heights & maximise their potential. She was one of the first to champion working Mothers and has supported those wishing to switch careers. As a former CEO Institute Chair, her strength lies in providing strategic, practical advice and clear direction.

TaurusAcademy© Seminar
TaurusAcademy© Training event

TaurusAcademy© & TaurusFastTrack©

In line with her passion for mentorship, Sharon launched The TaurusAcademy© and her graduate and intern program under TaurusFastrack© in the early years of Taurus. Both programs offer a unique and practical opportunity for graduates or those switching careers to gain real life industry skills and a career with Taurus Marketing. Over the last 26 years, Sharon and the Taurus Team have mentored over 500 graduates through the TaurusAcademy© and TaurusFastTrack© program taking a hands-on approach to learning and skills training.

Sharon designed these programs to both provide an introduction to the fundamentals of agency life and personal insights into running a business. Successful applicants are provided with exposure to Entrepreneurship, The TaurusBullseye©, Operations, PR, Strategy, Investor Relations, Government Relations, Digital, Social Media and Marketing in a warm, no bull, straight talking, transparent culture founded on the highest standards. Interns and graduates work alongside Sharon and her experienced executive team, many of whom have been hired from the TaurusAcademy© suite of programs.

Sharon Williams with Taurus Intern
Clarissa and Sharon at the completion of her TaurusAcademy© Internship

If you'd like the opportunity to explore a potential career with Sharon and the Taurus team, visit the TaurusAcademy© page here.

“Sharon Williams is an employee-oriented CEO who is open and forthcoming in regard to workplace relations and operations. She is highly involved with all individuals within Taurus and operates with a supportive two-way based approach to communications. I can wholeheartedly attest to Sharon’s supportive and nurturing manner, having joined as a graduate in a learning capacity and reporting directly to Sharon.”

Daniel Gralton, Former Taurus Intern

Taurus Virtual House Rules eBook

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The world has changed quickly and we now live in a new progressively virtual world. Whether working at home or in the office, it is important to present yourself in a professional light.

“My passion, other than Taurus is growing or retraining careers and I founded the TaurusFastTrack© program to empower and inspire Australia’s youth. The program has since fast-tracked over 500 graduates. I salute one of our first graduates Troy Douglas who now runs his own multimillion-dollar business Nexba.”

Sharon Williams, Founder CEO Taurus Marketing

Sharon WIlliams with Troy Douglas Co-Founder of Nexba

Taurus intern alumni and Co-Founder of Nexba, Troy Douglas salutes Taurus and Sharon’s mentorship.

Troy Douglas, current Co-Founder of Nexba and Taurus intern and TaurusFastTrack© alumni spoke about his experience during a recent interview with Onya Magazine:

“After high school, I went on to study my Bachelor of Communications & Bachelor of Law. During a tutorial, a guest lecturer, Sharon Williams CEO of Taurus Marketing, really opened my mind to the world of business. I went up to her after the lecture and asked if she’d consider me as an intern. I offered to be an intern for a week – I had a mortgage at 19 so wasn’t in a position to work for free!

I went on to work with Sharon for nearly 3 years.  After 4 years of University and being inspired by incredible mentors at such a young age, turning 21 I felt confident enough to jump into business with Drew and we kicked off Nexba! I truly believe there’s never a ‘right age’ to become a founder. When the idea is there, you make the rest work.”
– Troy Douglas, Co-Founder, Nexba

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Sharon WIlliams & Charlotte Riddle at Eyehealth1st event
Mother Daughter at the Eyehealth1st launch

Sharon WIlliams speaking at a TaurusAcademy live workshop
TaurusAcademy© Seminar
Sharon WIlliams with Kate Dennis at a leadership program for UTSInsearch
Leadership program at UTSInsearch
“Observing Sharon's strong leadership of Taurus Marketing has given me a valuable insight into what it takes to maintain a steady brand in this competitive climate, which I will take with me going forward into the future.”

Nidhi Daithankar, Former Taurus Intern

Sharon Williams speaking
Sharon speaking at Academy of Entrepreneurs

Universities & Schools

Sharon is a regular keynote speaker, lecturer and mentor at universities and has been invited as a keynote speaker at the UTS Insearch Leadership Program, to lecture at Macquarie University, University of Technology and as an Adjunct Professor at The University of Notre Dame on personal branding and career options.  Additionally, Sharon attended the Create Conference at the King’s School to mentor on leadership and St Andrews Cathedral School teaching leadership and careers advice.

"Sharon Williams is community-minded, someone who regularly puts the needs of others before her own, best evidenced through her role in the community but particularly I feel through her guardianship of graduates and the junior staff at Taurus."

Mentoring and fast-tracking careers is one of my greatest joys. To see so many Taurus alumni grow and succeed is a privilege.

Sharon WIlliams with a Taurus alumni
Tony enjoying our TaurusFastTrack© program