My passion is personal branding for our young

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Mentoring our young & individuals for career development

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Sharon is passionate about mentoring individuals to reach new heights & maximise their potential. Her strength lies in providing strategic, practical advice.

Personal Branding For Our Young

“Young people, by definition, inexperienced of the implications of life decisions have no appreciation of the consequences of their actions online. These actions could result in legal, career or personal implications that are catastrophic.” – Sharon Williams, Social Media commentator and advisor to high schools

“My passion, other than Taurus is growing or retraining careers and I founded the TaurusFastTrack© program to empower and inspire Australia’s youth which has since fast-tracked over 500 graduates. I salute one of our first graduates Troy Douglas who now runs his own multimillion-dollar business Nexba.”

Sharon Williams, Founder CEO, Taurus Marketing.

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"Sharon Williams is community-minded, someone who regularly puts the needs of others before her own, best evidenced through her role in the community but particularly I feel through her guardianship of graduates and the junior staff at Taurus.

Taurus Profile for Students/graduates

TaurusProfile® is about building your personal, professional and corporate reputation. We know how – we do it all the time for leaders from sports, corporate such as Company Directors and high school students.

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