Social media

Social media platforms, along with your web presence, are the window to your brand or personality and require strategy, planning and execution

It’s better to be at the social media table than ‘not invited at all’ and as COVID 19 changed the world to fast track to an online marketspace, your approach to social media also needs to adapt and change. Sharon and her team can show you how.

Media Intelligence and Engagement

Taurus Social© advises you on every aspect of your social media presence, what you should be doing, what works and how to stay clear of the “minefields.” With the change, post pandemic, in the way we work and engage, empathy is the new brand currency. Sharon can show you how shorter, warmer, and a more personal approach is the way of brands moving forward successfully through this period.

“Without the PR element I don’t believe the campaign would have been such a success. It supported the TV adverts and viral campaign perfectly. Taurus worked outside their brief providing advice on and pro-actively supporting events and activities outside the campaign, leveraging ambassador support and actively raising the profile of the campaign’s key spokespeople. With the whole team engaged and on board, the campaign was a success from beginning to end.”

Daniel Willis, Former Bible Society CEO.

Are you ready to maximise your social media presence?

Taurus Social© helps you put a strategy and tactical plan around your social media content, monitoring, reputation management, and engagement. Shop directly using the link below or get in contact to discuss how you can utilise social media tools to fulfil your business objectives.

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