Personal Branding

Sharon is one of the worlds leading personal branding experts

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Personal Branding

Sharon is one of the worlds leading personal branding experts

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Sharon works with hundreds of leaders to create personal brands that cut through based on her no bull, strategic & practical approach. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The Emergence Of The ‘Digital Resume’

As a corporate, leader, individual, parent or teenager, whether you realise it or not, your personal brand is being discussed, reviewed and communicated online through social networks. This means it is important to take responsibility for your online personal brand. A strategic and more structured, rather than adhoc approach to your online personal reputation is a ‘must do’ rather than a ‘nice to have. In this newnormal, it is strong and authentic personal brands that will cut through. Those that can demonstrate decisive leadership will stand out and be followed successfully post COVID19.

The immediate switch to an online world during COVID 19 means your influence, whether you like it or not, is taking place in a virtual world which includes representation on social media platforms. Never before has your image and expertise been exposed on a global scale with such telling and immediate consequences. It is more important than ever to define, differentiate, protect and prepare for life post COVID 19. Sharon works with both experienced, sceptical and young and upcoming entrepreneurs to see their way through this newnormal.

“Sharon gave me clarity on my objectives, a clear understanding of my brand profile and focused my effort. Her strategy stretched me to build my personal profile and has dramatically increased the value of my brand – the results were instant”

Michael Bevan, Australian Cricket Legend.

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You are Captain of your personal brand

With the dominance of social media, never before has your personal brand been more important or visible to all. You are your brand. Whether discreet or ‘out there’ your personal brand is about being yourself with purpose.

Today you are more than likely to work for over a dozen companies before you retire. Which means your personal brand is more important than ever. With a personal branding strategy you can emerge confident, surer and  ahead of the competition.

Who should develop their personal brand

  • Leaders and company directors
  • Rising stars
  • C-level executives
  • Subject experts
  • Celebrities and personalities
  • Executives looking for new direction
  • Politicians
  • Parents
  • Teens
  • Principals and teachers

I work with Company Directors, celebrities, corporate leaders, staff teams and high school students to teach them about the risks and reasons why it is important to be conscious of and manage your own personal brand” – Sharon Williams

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