Coverage in SME TV speaking to entrepreneurs on how to map a pathway out of the crisis

July 23, 2020
Sharon Williams
Coverage in SME TV speaking to entrepreneurs on how to map a pathway out of the crisis

Super to catch up with good friend, and champion of Small Business owners, Angela Vithoulkas to share my knowledge on how SME’s can map a path out of this crisis. One of the key takeaways was highlighting the need for a strategy on marketing, resilience, team support,content & reinventing your brand! SME TV is a ‘super-channel’ for small business offering support, empowering, teaching & up-skilling business owners.   View the interview here. Here’s a breakdown of 20-minute interview:

00:00 – Intro

01:20 – Are SMEs facing an unparalleled economic crisis?

02:30 – We need tools to face the worst case scenario

03:51 – No BULL things are tough, there are no rainbows

04:30 – What should you do with your cashflow?

05:15 – Caution and working capital are part of moving forward

05:45 – What can you do for your staff and your team?

06:40 – Has leadership been tough for SME’s, are we up to the challenge?

07:30 – What is the way out for SME’s?

08:08 – Have you got the right advice and the right accountant?

08:40 – Work out your costs – do you know which costs you should focuson?

09:15 – Empathy is the new brand currency – do you know what that is?

10:10 – Look after your contractors & suppliers

10:50 – Do you feel overwhelmed? Mental Health needs to be a priority

12:30 – Marketing investment should be a priority, make a plan

13:12 – Get your brand out there, its possible there is less competitionright now

13:45 – Do you know where to start protecting your business? Cashflow!

14:07 – Invest in your brand, elevate it by increasing digital content

15:45 – Get your message out! Don’t wait. Now is the time to strike.

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