The “no bull” approach to start-up leadership and business

June 12, 2022
Sharon Williams
The “no bull” approach to start-up leadership and business

COVID-19 has impacted small business and start-ups in inconceivable ways. The pandemic, a global 100-yearevent has put even more obstacles in an already challenging and brave entrepreneurial journey.

CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams , “As business leaders, it is a must to understand that good copy in a marketing sense is not just about how well it reads, it’s also about the context and value. This includes conveying your company’s brand in the right light in the minds of potential customers, accurately describing your products and services and most importantly, creating action in the form of sales!”.


Inside Small Business explains how small businesses can “cut the bull” and aim straight for their business targets and goals – with five clear steps to success.


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