The Taurus and SW brand and how it came about

May 10, 2022
Sharon Williams
The Taurus and SW brand and how it came about

When Taurus was founded over 27 years ago the brand stood for tenacity, loyalty, stubborn and never give up – all core values needed in today’s crazy and unstable world.  Since then, the business has grown and the CEO personal brand and company brand have become intertwined. The core values reflecting off and mirroring each other.

CEO and Founderof Taurus Marketin, “Now is absolutely the time to revisit internal communicationand staff expectations to stay ahead, share strategy and move away from howthings used to be done by reviewing your team game plan”.

Start Up To Follow explains the Taurus story, how the company came about and the importance of the unique company culture – being a company that has thrived for over 27 years.

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