6 EOFY Tax Tips – Coverage Featured in Kochies Business Builders

June 29, 2020
Sharon Williams

Here I am on Kochies Business Builders, providing tips for small business over end of financial year in regards to tax!  “Unfortunately, the better you do, the more you pay. The country has to run and we as small business owners contribute much to keep the economy going, on average paying 27.5% company tax. It’s not easy, it’s not fun, it doesn’t seem fair and unfortunately, it’s not going to go away. But it is legal to minimise tax and take advantage of the unparalleled deductions and offsets the Government has put in play during this pandemic period to help us.”

For the six tips & full article visit here: https://www.kochiesbusinessbuilders.com.au/6-end-of-financial-year-tax-tips-a-must-for-a-small-business-owner-operator/

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