How I’m Dealing with The Great Resignation

November 23, 2021
Sharon Williams
How I’m Dealing with The Great Resignation

Every week a notification pops up on my LinkedIn, alerting me to the extraordinary things past Taurus employees are achieving. It’s a great source of pride for me to watch them take their learnings from Taurus to reach new heights in their career. I believe the reason our employees go on to achieve extraordinary things is due to the mentoring and coaching they received at Taurus, a practise that remains today under the TaurusAcademy© program, and one I personally invest time in.

Lately, there has been much discussion in the media about 'The Great Resignation’ and the lengths employers are willing to go to, to retain their staff. I too have fallen victim to staff turnover in the past year and it can be difficult to see people you love and have invested in, move on. But I’m a great believer in following your passion and if that passion is no longer here, I will support that person’s career wherever they go – the relationship doesn’t end just because they’ve moved on.

Taurus is a challenging place to be. We have extremely high standards and you have to be prepared to move with the times. The golden rule is nothing that stays the same, stays the same. So as soon as you’ve learnt something, be prepared to blow it up and move on to a new competitive advantage. To work here, you have to be good at what you do and also be willing to evolve and learn. By mentoring our staff to be the best they can be, we are also taking the business to new heights.  

We recently launched TaurusCrypto©, our new specialist marketing service focussed on supporting crypto entrepreneurs. As part of this initiative we have also begun bonusing our team in crypto, so they can experience how to trade without the risk of using their own money. They have access to client advisors and digital currency experts to assist in their learning so they themselves become experts in crypto and further position Taurus as the go-to agency for digital currency marcomm services.

In the video below, I chat with Robyn Foyster about my decision to incentivise my team with crypto.

Our team is currently working on an interview series with previous team members – highlighting The Leadership Academy – and how we grow professionals. It has been heart warming and proud making to hear them reflect on their years with Taurus and how it informed the high-profile career they have gone on to achieve, some with Fortune 500 companies. This video series would not be possible had I not built authentic relationships with my team that went beyond their work with Taurus, a fact I remain proud of.

You can watch one such video I did recently with former employee Vicky Taylor who is now the National Marketing Manager of AWS.

When I wake up in the morning, the one thing that motivates me is going to see the members of the Taurus team. My team. I’m a strong believer in work to live, not live to work. If you love what you do, it’s not work. I want to make sure my team members love what they do and are as excited to come to work each day as I am.

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