How Leadership is Changing in 2022

March 15, 2022
Sharon Williams
How Leadership is Changing in 2022

If you were asked to name just one thing that helped you cope as a leader the last two years during the COVID 19 pandemic what would it be?

At our company kick off and strategy day last week, I directed this question at our team and consultants who, in each of their own way, have managed to navigate their own perilous journey as we enter a third year of uncertainty.

What was clear is what worked in the past may not sit top of our leadership and personal survival kit now.

While the thought of survival leads me straight to frontline workers, working in floods and health care, and the heartache of our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who deserve the biggest acknowledgement of leadership, contribution and resilience, the revelation that new skills, habits, resources and priorities have been called upon during this time is the call out for a new leadership benchmark to move forward.

Like most disasters, the pandemic has created new ways of doing things. And old ways are gone, forever.

While so much of our waking hours have been spent watching news reports and dealing with keeping our close ones safe or staying afloat in business, there is a time to change the subject and give you time to look on the positive side of life.

You need to find some relief and down time and new ways to keep going.

How is your leadership adapting post disaster? Take courage in your decision to handle the next challenges of 2022. We are right there with you.

Sharon Williams
Taurus CEO & founder

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