I am preparing for Round 2 – how are you?

July 8, 2020
Sharon Williams

This last few months has been a journey, but this next 3 months promises to be just as tough.  

I recollect, it was 24 September 1993, (local time) and the whole of Australia erupted with excitement when Sydney was announced as the host city for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Australia appeared a united country after a momentous victory over world powerhouses like Beijing (China) and Manchester (The United Kingdom). The self-confidence of the Australian people was at an all-time high. All of the country adopted the bid’s theme, Share the Spirit.

Now, 27 years on, the date September 24 2020 is going to have a whole new meaning and is potentially another landmark moment in our history. It’s when the Government’s stimulus package (Job Keeper and Job Seeker) in our fight against COVID-19 is scheduled to end.  

How we as Australians, business owners, team players, families and individuals respond will be the big challenge facing us in the second half of 2020.  

If you and your business have managed to survive the last three months during the height of this health and economic crisis, it says a lot about your character, guts and smarts. But the new challenge is to maintain the tenacity and drive to see your tribe through, not only to keep your head and theirs above water but to prosper over the next four to six months and beyond.  

As CEO of Taurus, although I am naturally a half cup full person, I need that optimism to inspire people around me in my business as well as my clients, current and into the future, to continue to lead them through this crisis.

Taurus has been in business for more than 25 years and we are still here since COVID-19 hit. My experience over a quarter of a century has steeled me and those around me to adapt, pivot and remain not just relevant but a lifeline for other businesses.  

During the pandemic, Taurus has been conducting business as normal as far as we can through virtual links and in the last couple of days/weeks Taurus has restarted face-to-face meetings with clients and, at all times, observing social distancing requirements.  

Now we are ready to make the next big jump into a new office. The office is state of the art and is a big step up for Taurus.  

Having said that it is the strongest message I can shout out to the world and my own team, on how we feel about the future direction of our company. It is not just bravado in taking this step; but rather having the confidence that we as leaders in Australia have a fighting spirit to come out on top and if we take actions to set the scene, we will come through.

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