I'll be a keynote speaker at The Australian Small Business Champion Awards and Conference 21st -22nd April 2018

April 20, 2018
Sharon Williams
I'll be a keynote speaker at The Australian Small Business Champion Awards and Conference 21st -22nd April 2018

The inaugural Australian Small Business Champions Conference is set to hear from Australia’s leading experts across various sectors to share their insights at The Star, Sydney over two speaker driven days Saturday 21 – Sunday 22, April 2018.

The 2018 conference theme is challenging Australian Small Businesses to “Grow, Shape & Plan” their business from those who have real, on the ground experiences from which all independent owners and teams can learn.

The two-day conference will feature engaging sessions led by specially selected educators, innovators, strategists, entrepreneurs and leaders. Small business owners will gain the tools, strategies and best practices they need to successfully compete in today’s rapidly changing business environments together with leading experts.

Launching the event is Precedent Productions, who have recognised outstanding businesses for over 35 years hosting the famous “Local Business Awards”, which have become a powerful symbol that local business owners aspire to win.

Steve Loe, Managing Director of Precedent Productions said, “It is exciting to create a conference designed specifically for small business. Eighteen speakers will present a variety of elements to succeed in business. It aims to stimulate and motivate business people to the next level of their business cycle”.

“In Australia, there are currently over two million actively trading small businesses operating contributing to 4.5 million Australians employed in a small business.”

Keynote speakers spearheading the event include Australian Small Business and Family Ombudsman, Kate Carnell (AO), CEO of BREED, Bob Turner, Taurus Marketing CEO & Personal Branding expert Sharon Williams and Christopher Thé from Black Star Pastry leading fourteen other guest speakers.

Australian Small Business & Family Ombudsman, Kate Carnell will be focusing on small businesses today and in the future. From running her own small business for fifteen years to being CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce representing over 300,000 businesses Kate’s career depicts her extensive knowledge, skills and expertise on how to run, develop and drive success to businesses.

“As the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, I look forward to sharing the substantial achievements in advocacy and dispute resolution accomplished over the last two years with conference delegates,” Said Ms Carnell.

“I will provide an overview of what small business looks like today, the challenges and opportunities, and give insights into what we want for the future of Australian small businesses and family enterprises.”

CEO of BREED Australia and former Sydney Kings Coach Bob Turner, will be focusing on the topic of vision, energy and passion in business. His success as a professional basketball coach, marketer and businessman sanction him as an exceptional speaker and expert on various subjects including team building, motivation, success, leadership and selling and marketing sport.

“BREED Australia has been an incubator of small business for almost 20 years.  We have witnessed firsthand the difficulties of starting and maintain a small business and have joined Precedent to sponsor the Local Business Awards,” Mr Turner said.

“My key criteria for success in business is vision, energy and passion or in other words the ability to ‘See it, Drive it and Believe in it’!  The Australian Small Business Champions Conference is another bold move by Precedent and BREED Australia is proud to be a contributor.   I am enthusiastic to learn from the experienced presenters and hear the many stories of the small business owners who have joined the conference”.

Founder of award winning integrated PR and Marketing Agency, The Taurus Group and Channel 7’s Kochie’s Business Builders featured expert and Marketing Strategist, Sharon Williams is set to discuss personal branding. As a Board Director, former CEO Institute Chair and as CEO of Taurus, Sharon has assisted over 1,000 brands with a specialist interest in entrepreneurs and start ups.

“I believe there is nothing small about small businesses and am delighted to be supporting the Champions Business conference and Steve who has in turn lifted so many businesses over the past 35 years. It should be a fun weekend!” Williams said.

Christopher Thé, CEO of Black Star Pastry, the famous boutique patisserie that took the world by storm with their Strawberry Waterman Cake, now the most photographed cake of Australia (if not the world) will be joining the panel. Driven by a taste-up philosophy of food design, rather than appearance and old-fashion ways Christopher will be discussing the topic of taking the Watermelon & Strawberry Cake to the world.

“As a small business operator, I look forward to being a speaker at the Conference. My business, Black Star Pastry was my inspiration and has grown from one store at Newtown to four outlets around Sydney. I will be sharing my business journey, from small beginnings to selling our products around the world.” Christopher said

The Australian Small Business Champion Conference will complement the successful Australian Small Business Champion Awards and will take place from Saturday, 21st April – Sunday, 22nd April.

A special rate is now on offer for the 2018 conference at The Star, Sydney. Purchase your tickets at: https://championsconference.com.au/register

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