KBB Radio Interview 'How to create a successful marketing campaign'

January 26, 2018
Sharon Williams

Have a listen to my radio interview on Talking Lifestyle with David Koch and Ed Phillips on 'How to create a successful marketing strategy' which looked at simple steps to towards a DIY PR and Marketing plan.

Some of my tips included:

  • Use google to research your industry and see what marketing tools are being used. Find out what are the marketing trends.
  • Target your customers carefully and do your market research. Your customers will give you the answers, so don't be afraid to ask them questions. ¬†They will also give you your USP Unique Selling Point, why they came to you over other suppliers and you can then use that knowledge to create your next marketing campaign
  • Set SMART goals for your business and the marketing process so you measure your results

Listen to the full interview here - 'How to create a successful marketing strategy.'

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