Sharon Williams on Inside Small Business

July 28, 2022
Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams on Inside Small Business

How to guide for navigating the changing economy

Sharon Williams CEO and founder of Taurus Marketing talks to Inside Small businesses about: How small businesses can thrive in times of challenge.  

CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams said, “At the core of a small business is that strong customer relationship, a local touch and strong empathy with the community. Being small and nimble enough to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes is what allows us to connect with others.”

Sharon’s article mentions her top three tips on how to navigate the economic shift and protect employees and the business, during adversity. In recent times, small businesses have endured the COVID-19 pandemic, drought, skills shortage, rising prices, supply chain issues, rising interest rates and a downturn in the Australian economy.

Read the full article: here.

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