Student, Macquarie University

December 2, 2015
Sharon Williams
Student, Macquarie University

Sharon really motivated me to re-evaluate my skill set , what I wanted from life and where I’m going to be. Constantly throughout my media course the importance of social media and blogging has been emphasised, however I have always had little interest in promoting myself or my thoughts. Sharon made me consider it in another way – as a personal brand.

As a result I have re-evaluated my Facebook, gotten more proactive with twitter, become an Instagram junkie and now I’m even considering a blog. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed sharing my life, contributing my opinion and interacting with the media sphere. I now feel like I have more of a say in the world and control over how I want things to happen in my life and in media. I no longer see technology as a burden or inconvenience, rather it’s an avenue that can lead to change- like more balance of power. Sharon’s advice, perspective and success truly lead to change in my life. I took her advice seriously and implemented it proactively.

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