Welcome Taurus Month!

May 13, 2020
Sharon Williams
Welcome Taurus Month!

Our story. Our brand. Our values. 25 years in business, 6 continents and over 1000 brands.

Our CEO and Founder, Sharon Williams shares the powerful meaning behind the name of our company

“I chose the name Taurus because when I looked up the star sign it represented  tenacity, passion, loyalty, sturdy, steadfast, keep going no matter what, and that just resonated with me as an individual.” – CEO and Founder, Taurus Group, Sharon Williams.

This month we are celebrating Taurus month – and the core values that highlight what we stand for: tenacity, no-bull, cutting-edge, loyal and innovative.

Taurus values are ingrained in the way we work and that’s why our clients stick with us.

Join us as we celebrate #TaurusMonth, Taurean style!

Watch the full video of our CEO and Founder, Sharon Williams speaking about how Taurus was founded in an interview with Margaret Lomas here.

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