Why 2022 Is The Reason To Pick Yourself Up

January 24, 2022
Sharon Williams
Why 2022 Is The Reason To Pick Yourself Up

The last two years has, to put it mildly, been one of the toughest periods for most of us as we feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Young, middle and mature lives have been impacted. Deep sadness at the thought of the number of lives lost, and particularly the separation of families, lockdowns, the impact on our children and, of course, trying to survive in business when it appears there is a new hurdle to jump each day as we keep our teams safe and buoyed.

And, while we aren’t there yet, I am seeing enough around me to feel that its important with the onset of a new year, to pull every atom of energy and feel optimistic about the future.

I’ve started to believe again in the lyrics from a classic song, titled New Year by Canadian artist, Tim McMorris, which was released in 2014 but is so right for us Aussies to adopt in 2022 (especially as we celebrate Australia Day on January 26).

It’s a new day, a new year

Shout it out loud, sing with the crowd

Celebrate ‘cause good things are coming

New opportunities are at the door

Hold your head up, drop the sorrow

No regrets now, for tomorrow

It’s a new chance, for a new life

Everything you’ve been waiting for

These opening lyrics to the song sum up what’s happening around me, my loved ones and my business that I founded 26 years ago, and let me state categorically, these last two years have been the toughest yet. But my business, in an uncertain world, is built on Resilience, Tolerance and the Ability to Change.

Strong core values that have not changed or wavered in that time.

Following these three simple rules has meant, we are in 2022, already taking on new business as well as being pleasantly surprised by the number of new exciting opportunities in the pipeline.

New business means more employment opportunities to service our clients and at Taurus, we believe empathy is the new brand currency.

Being able to understand and share the feelings of another is so important in the workplace and employers would be horribly out of touch to think that COVID hasn’t changed dramatically the employer-employee relationship.

Taurus has always been at the forefront of providing a flexible working environment for working mothers/single parents and will continue to do so, not only in these circumstances but with other professionals who are seeking a change in their lifestyle. You may be, for example, looking to work from home more often and spending less time travelling to and from the office. In essence, this could be described as both young and mature Australians wanting a better quality of life, more time for family, leisure and exercise - and we are not alone as Australians. Much of the world’s population feels the same way after the hardships and opportunities caused by COVID.

Some people reading this quite rightly still might need convincing that the tide is changing for the better. Of course, it is understandable that everyone is tired after the dramas of the last two years, but we need to rally. Why? Because there is cause for hope best summed by other lyrics from the song, New Year.

The future’s bright now, as things turn over

The possibilities, around the corner

New innovation, with new creation

All the good things we have in store

Now it’s a brand new day

And it’s a brand new year

And there is hope in tomorrow, now there’s nothing to fear

It’s not coming, yeah, it’s already here.

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